DokiDoki Anime Violet Evergarden Cosplay Shoes Women

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    単価 あたり 

 The order processing time of the shoes is about one months.

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It was worth the wait.

I ordered these boots during the summer so it took some time to be shipped but it was so worth waiting for. These are so well made and just beautiful. I've never had boots that fit me so perfectly even in the USA where I live. They are comfortable and soft on the inside. Most accurate looking to the boots Violet wears in the anime. I've gotten so many compliments on how unique and gorgeous they are. I know where to order another pair should I need a replacement in the future.

A side note too, if you contact dokidoki company when your order is taking a little longer than expected, they will reply and will accommodate you. They were very kind as well so please be patient with them. The wait did not bother me since I already was of the mindset it was going to take time. As long as I was going to receive my order it was worth it.

I don't know if this might help someone else but note for sizing - Normally my size is 5.5 in American standard but I ordered a 37 EU. These fit me perfectly, however my feet are naturally more narrow in width. So even if your shoe size is the same as mine but your feet have a wider width, these might be a much tighter fit. In that case you'd likely will need to up the size more than what I did. But for more narrow feet, it'll more likely fit. I'll mention too that I do have some Japanese genetics in my family so I'm naturally on petite side (5'2'' height). That might have a bearing on the boots fitting me. Again though, depends on that width of your feet.

Beautiful boots

These boots are really beautiful and look just like the character's. I found them to fit me perfectly. I have average sized calves and they are very snug though, so if you have larger than average calves they might not fit. The soles were quite slippery when I got them so I added rubber to the bottoms but I think if you wear them on a rough surface the soles would get sufficiently naturally scratched/scored to provide more traction.

Sabrina Schommertz
Not complete

The cosplay itself is very beautiful, the fabric thick and comfortable. It fits me like a glove and I never want to take it off. However, some parts are still missing. Namely the frilly accessory around her neck and the Automemory Doll Pin. I immediately contacted the customer support, they replied very fast and offered to resend it, which I happily accepted. As of writing this review I still have not received these two things. Hopefully they will arrive soon, so my cosplay is finally complete ^^

Robert Cote
Violet Evergarden shoe

My daughter was happy to receive them. The order arrived on time, Quality was decent. unfortunately the shoes don’t fit her.

Sophia E
Cute Boots, But Very Flimsy

At first I would have given these boots 5 stars, they are nearly perfectly show accurate, fairly comfortable, and I was very excited to wear them. Unfortunately, while walking around a convention, the left heel completely snapped off of the boot. Luckily I was not hurt but I easily could have been, and I am upset I paid so much for boots that broke after 3 hours of wear. Because I purchased the boots well ahead of time to ensure they arrived before the con, I was told there was no recourse for the damage because it had been too long since the purchase/arrival of the boots.