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Hi Cosplayer ,Welcome to DokiDoki Cosplay !!! We Ship worldwide ~ Contact^ ^
Hi Cosplayer ,Welcome to DokiDoki Cosplay !!! We Ship worldwide ~ Contact^ ^
Hi Cosplayer ,Welcome to DokiDoki Cosplay !!! We Ship worldwide ~ Contact^ ^
Hi Cosplayer ,Welcome to DokiDoki Cosplay !!! We Ship worldwide ~ Contact^ ^
Hi Cosplayer ,Welcome to DokiDoki Cosplay !!! We Ship worldwide ~ Contact^ ^
Hi Cosplayer ,Welcome to DokiDoki Cosplay !!! We Ship worldwide ~ Contact^ ^


Venti is one of the most beloved characters in Genshin Impact universe, because of his funny personality and beautiful design. We present you the detailed comparison between Venti costume R and SR versions offered in our store, so you can choose the one that fits your necessities better!


Both SR and R versions use peach skin velvet and jacquard fabric, and have a similar pattern. However, SR version adds fishbone to the shoulder of the cloak, making the shapes stay in place in a more aesthetic way.

The details on the edge of the cloak are made with glitter embroidery thread, adding a luxurious feeling to the piece.

This material choice and the sparkly crystal details improve the clothes’ gorgeous feeling


The “vision” on the SR cape is real solid ,it can be lighted with battery in it .the R version only use EVA foam  to creat a similar shape .



SR fabric feels better and is made with a higher composition of cotton while R is made with synthetic polyester fiber. Naturally SR’s wearing effect is more soft and skin-friendly. In the middle of the shirt: SR lace is pleated But R is tightly baked. Therefore, SR is more solid in shape.

3.Underbust corset

To be more accurate to the character design, SR underbust corset is an independent piece of clothing, not attached to the shirt. Instead, R vest is connected to the shirt.
As for the fabric used for this piece, the side and front of SR corset adopts two kinds of faux leather to add more dimension to the design, and adds a detail strap at the back. In the front part, the bottom of the piece is embroidered with sparkly embroidery thread.

R version only uses a soft fabric for this piece and the design is more simple. It does not add the detail on the back part but still makes a beautiful form.


For the accessories and small props of this costumes there is also differences.

R version uses EVA foam material for the details, making them light weighted but also delicate. Instead, SR uses 3D modeled pieces printed in plastic, which are more resistant. The sparkly details and jewels of the SR accessories are more notable and makes the whole costume look shinier.

5. Hat

The design of the whole shape is totally different. SR version is bigger than R,
but you can adjust it to suit your head circumference according to the number of yards you choose.
The flower material is also different - SR uses a fabric flower to match the material with the rest of the outfit. The golden details of SR hat are made of shiny, sparkly fabric.



SR version uses peach skin velvet in the pants, and the details in the bottom of the piece are embroidered with sparkly thread. Also, this version adds
pockets in the pants, which is a very convenient detail for cosplayers.
R fabric is more soft and comfortable, and the details are digitally printed in the fabric.

Besides,the SR version pants have real windmill accessory attached ,instead of printed pattern than R verion .


  • E

    Not getting this cosplay but did order a different SR cosplay and it’s nice to see just how much is different
    I could see some differences for the one I got (collei) but didn’t look to into it
    My main just deserved the better one haha

    June 04, 2023
  • Selly Tape
    Selly Tape

    I can’t afford this shi💀

    March 19, 2023
  • Milo
  • Signe

    its so suprising, this is really why i got a SR cosplay instead of the R. it really is a big diffrence

    January 15, 2022
  • H

    Really informative. The picture comparisons show what you’re getting for the extra cost. It helps a lot in deciding what the best choice each circumstance is.

    August 18, 2021
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