DokiDoki-SR Anime Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai Cosplay Mai Sakurajima

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Asian size-Please read the size chart carefully. (◕ˇ∀ˇ◕)Welcome contact us for help about size chooseing with your height ,weight ,waist ,bust,hip measurement.

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Stella McEachern
Great costume

The whole outfit fit perfectly. I liked that the skirt had 2 invisible zippers. Id actually wear the whole outfit like a normal everyday one too. Id totally buy from DokiDoki cosplays again !

Amazing Quality!!

Everything has amazing quality, feels like a real uniform! None of the items have that uncomfortable and cheap costume quality so if you want amazing quality, definitely invest in SR!

The white button-up feels great, The sleeves feel a bit bigger than the torso but I think that's how it's supposed to be, makes it much comfortable to wear too.
The sweater vest, honestly, if it wasn't part of the cosplay, I would genuinely wear it to go out, it's like actual sweater vest quality and does not feel like a costume at all.

The skirt is probably my favorite. The zipper is hidden and the skirt itself is actually a bit adjustable and that's amazing because I always have problems with skirts!!

The jacket is what I would give like a 9/10 for the way it fits. I went with a size M because I was scared S (my usual size) wasn't going to fit but I think that if I went with my usual size everything would've fit except the jacket. It has a tight fit and I know it's supposed to be because that's how Mai has it but I can't completely raise my arms so have that in mind when ordering! Other than that, the jacket is also great quality and it's comfortable to wear honestly!

Also, the cosplay has three layers and tights so, keep that in mind if you live in a hot area! I live in a hot Island and I started to sweat after 5 mins!!

Overall my rating is 10/10, I can't wait to wear it to a con

Cristina Silivanovsky
Amazing Mai-San Cosplay!

What a quality, I didn't expect it!
Really looks good and suits me like a suit.
Such an amazing quality.
Best Mai Cosplay.
The ears and pins not included with the cosplay from DokiDoki, but I did get a pins from them, so that nice.
Btw, don't worry of the skirt, there's a string attached to the skirt, but you can just cut it. it's there just to secure the skirt.
The wig is also from DokiDoki ❤️

Ashley Li

fit very well, high quality

aaliyah vaughan
Great quality

The skirt and shirt fit amazingly. The jacket however was a little on the small side, restricting arm movement, but it is tolerable. At first, I thought the tights were a little small, however, I managed to pull them all the way up and they looked pretty good. The quality of the jacket is absolutely incredible- better than my own school uniform. The skirt is nice and thick. The white shirt was average, nothing too special about it. The hair pins are not amazing, however they do the trick.

Apart from the jacket being slightly small, the overall quality and fit was incredible. Shipping to Australia took about 2-3 weeks.

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