DokiDoki-R Anime Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai Bunny Girl Cosplay

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Q: What is ready for ship/in stock/presale?

Ready For Ship:

The ready for ship items can be shipped out in 1-2 business days after you place the order! If you need something urgently, we recommend you choose the【Ready For Ship】items!

In Stock:

The order processing time of the【In Stock】items is about 7-10 days normally. Except the shoes.

The order processing time of the【In Stock】shoes is about 10-15 days normally.


Presale means the item is under production right now. 

The processing times for presale items are estimated based on the factory's past production experience, we can’t promise it will delay or come out sooner.

And the processing time varies for each presale product, please refer to the product details page!

When one batch comes out, preorders will be shipped out according to the sequence of ordering time! (oldest order placed will be sent first) 


1.You can order the presale/instock/ready for ship items together.

2.The order processing time won't change no matter what shipping options you choose.

3.In most cases, we will ship your order within promised estimated time, just in case, the product status changes from in stock to presale, we will notify you or you can email us for latest progress.

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Q: What is the estimated time of arrival?

The arrive time=Order Processing time (as shown above)+Transportation time

Transportation time:

Transportation time depends on the shipping options you choose: 

*Express Shipping:  7-10 days

*Commercial Shipping: 10-25 days

*E-Packet/China Post: 25-75 days 

You will see 2-3 shipping options when checkout!

If there is no shipping option, it is probably because you have too many items in your cart or the items are too heavy, we suggest you divide it into two orders, don't worry, the shipping fee is the same as if you order them together! 

Parcel tracking:

After the order is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with the tracking number and tracking link.

If you find that the status of your order has changed to "fulfilled" and you still have not received the email, please feel free to contact us!

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Q:How much for shipping?

The shipping cost of the product is determined by its weight.
The shipping options will be displayed on the checkout page.

SR Level costumes are 0.5-1kg heavier than those of R level and similar products on the market at least .

The commercial shipping option price for Europe includes VAT tax. European customers choosing the commercial option do not need to worry about being charged VAT tax.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Loved them

The costumes were very pretty and good quality. The only problem is that the costume may be short for people with longer torsos but it's pretty easy to fix. Ordering a bigger size might be too loose around the breasts or in the back, so i suggest adjusting the crotch a bit instead.
The fabric was very comfortable, pretty stretchy, not itchy or scratchy. Shines very nicely without looking cheap.
Express delivery is pretty nice if you want the costume to arrive faster (2 weeks at most) but a bit costly.
Overall, we loved them, they were pretty and were very comfortable for very long hours.

Kenzo PAIN

DokiDoki-R Anime Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai Bunny Girl Cosplay

Cute bunny suit!

It is a bit short since I have quite a long torso so its a bit uncomfortable on the crotch area, other than that the quality is great! The other parts of the bunny suit like the collar, ears, cuffs, etc. were very nice :)


Annoyingly i had ordered the wrong size but the measurements made sense! it’s slightly too small for me but still amazing quality and feels secure!

Pia D.
Needs adjustments

Bought a size M according to my measurements and the table. For reference, I am EU size 32/34 (S) - the cosplay in M still feels quite short on the body (an S I would probably not been able to pull up to cover my chest) but everything else is a little too big. The accessories (cuffs, collar) are all way too big. the pin on the tail is not the strongest, so maybe sew it on just in case to not lose it...

I'm giving 3 stars in total because the delivery and handling of the item was satisfactory. While I was not "too satisfied" with this particular item, I am satisfied with dokidoki as a whole and would much rather order costumes off of Dokidoki than any other website.