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Customer Reviews

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Valentina Concha Henriquez
Too cute too soft!

Diluc is my husbando and when I found out about this preorder I couldn't ignore it so I bought both the doll and the clothing! Shipping was fast and the quality of every single material used in both parts is extremely high compared to the price. It's an extremely soft material that clashes with the stiffness of the stuffing in an harmonious way, I'll surely pamper this cutie for the rest of my life!
It came with a nice almost transparent plastic bag with strings so you can even use it to store it when you're not using it and avoid getting it dirty!

Cutest boy!

AHHHHH I finally got my plush today! He is so cute and so soft! I love his little pony tail! I buy the doll + clothes one for him! The plush is a little stuff because there is a lot of stuffing inside, but I think in time he will be softer. If you are bold, you can even open him up and take stuffing out/insert a plastic skeleton. Because the doll is stuffed really tight, the clothes is a little hard to put on so please be patient trying to dress him.

He has a little pony tail and the sides of his bangs hang down, VERYYYY CUTE! I love his pouty expression too! And a bonus, he has a LITTLE BUTT! Mr. Darknight Hero is the cutesttt!!! I wish he was available as normal sale so everyone could own one, I think everyone needs their own Mini-luc!

Small note, he is 20cm so if you have any kpop dolls (Ex. Sakura Jonghyun doll) mini-Diluc can wear those clothes! Just be aware it may be a snug fit unless you have adjusted his stuffing from the inside. Alternatively, a lot of 20cm teddy bear hats will fit him!

Aesop Carl (real)
i love him

he is my husband the love of my life i would do anything for him
and soon he will be home and he will sleep in my bed, he will be my captive.
HE HAS NO CHOICE. i am holding him hostage.

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