【 Ready For Ship】DokiDoki-SR Anime My Dress Up Darling Cosplay Kitagawa Marin Cosplay Costume School Uniform

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There are positioning line on the skirt to keep skirt shape during transit .
If you don't know how to cut it , here it's the tutorial vide link

Returns will no longer be supported after the positioning wire is removed.

Customer Reviews

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Nice cosplay

The cosplay was of good quality, what I expected. Very fast shipping!
The only thing I had trouble with was the necktie, as it was falling off all the time, but you can solve it with some diy so no biggie.


The outfit itself is very nice quality, thought the skirt came stitched together at the bottom which was weird but nothing a quick unpick can’t solve. Accessories were well made, tho the magnet earrings don’t like to stay in my ears. The wig was a little on the cheap side, but I did buy a cheaper version. Overall this cosplay was really worth the money! Stick to the size chart and you can’t go wrong. This shipped super quickly too compared to my Genshin cosplay. This came within 2 weeks.

Great quality!

the quality of this uniform is amazing, it's really worth buying the SR version, both the skirt and the shirt have a thick fabric, it's heavy and keeps its shape well, the bracelets and the chocker are great too.

the only drawback is the earrings that don't fit well in my ear but it's not a big problem, I will continue to choose dokidoki for my future cosplay purchases!

Marina López
Super cute

The clothing and accessories of this cosplay are incredibly cute. The fabric looks awesome and the skirt is adjustable. Love it!

it has a pockettt

honestly very surprisded with the quality of this considering it's such a simple cosplay! The shirt is very soft and light (perfect for in the summer) and the skirt was made of a nice fabric too that wasn't too light, on top of that it was sizeable and it had a pocket!! all in all everything included was standard sr quality you can expect from dokidoki ^^ (socks in the pic were not included tho!)

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