【S/M/L/XL Ready For Ship】【S-XXL】DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Traveler Lumine Cosplay Ying

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The cosplay is for presale 

Order processing time is about  4-5 months normally

Next batch will come out in  July/August

We are not sure  if it  delay or come out sooner 

Your order will be sent out once the factory finish producing 

(we will update here if there are any change)

the wig link 


Customer Reviews

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Lumine cosplays details and attachments!

Im a pretty thin 14 yr and I can fit a size small perfectly! Arrived in almost 2 months and I bought pre-order which was a ton quicker then I anticipated. Almost all pieces are used with clip on pins and its super handy, they stay on tightly; the other pins used are just stars you use for the bottom of the costume and they go through the fabric.. not my personal favorite but they never fell off the hot glue. The quality was the BEST! Not even kidding it was a pretty easy process to put on. Together the price with shipping and tax was $160. If this cosplay were to break i would definitely think of buying it again! And additional questions just comment on my tiktok @GalesofSong 💛

good soup

I love it

India Berg

Gorgeous costume! Some of the parts fell off easily so I recommend adding some extra glue but other than that, it was perfect!


the Fabric is soft, the shipping was grate and there a so many deitails, i need to look in the game to get it all right!
its also light up!

Abigail Legner

I’ve been cosplaying for almost a decade now, and oh WOW!! This is definitely the prettiest premade costume I have ever ordered! the shimmering fabric is stunning in person, and not sheer at all. All of the details attach with snaps, which holds them firmly in place (and makes it really easy to remake pieces of you are trying match to other cosplayers/make props/etc.) I would absolutely recommend this version if you are considering buying a traveler cosplay, it really is wonderful✨

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