【Ready For Ship】【S-2XL】DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Cosplay Xiao Halloween Costume Men Shoes

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The shoes is not included in the costume ,we sell it separately


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pup iwaizumi

【Ready For Ship】【S-2XL】DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Cosplay Xiao Halloween Costume Men Shoes

To die for

This cosplay is simply AMAZING ! Arrived quickly (might be due to Christmas rush or something) in a week in France, and oh. My. God.
All little details are wrapped almost individually and air sealed to not break in transit and everything else is wonderful. Fabrics are soft and comfortable to wear, video to help put it on is pretty useful, the spikes on the shoulder broke but is easily fixable with hot glue. In the end, the price is absolutely worth what you're getting, so I would recommend a hundred times !

It’s amazing!

I ordered the cosplay less than a week ago, last Sunday, and it had arrived on Saturday! I expected it to take two weeks but you guys really went beyond that!

The cosplay fits very well. I’m 5’0 and 110 lbs, so I chose the small and everything had mostly fit. The pants didn’t zip all the way, but I could make some adjustments. Everything is so detailed and nothing feels cheap. Xiao’s necklace was also missing another clip which would allow me to put properly piece the necklace together, it was inconvenient, but I made it work.

It took me 1 hour to put the whole thing on, but wearing it made me feel complete. Without help, putting on the cosplay is a chore but I loved the whole process.

Overall, I give the cosplay a 4.5/5 and the service 5/5.

Amazing cosplay!

I love the details of this cosplay it's amazing! Everything came in a timely manner. You can move pretty well in this too. Normally when I buy cosplays, I can barely move in them I bought a venti cosplay from here too and that one is also very good for movement. The golden thing did come a little broken but it's nothing a little gluing can't fix honestly. As for the sizing I am 5'5 and 120lbs and got a medium and it fits really well. But a key thing to keep in mind is that this is Asian sizing, most of the cosplays here are and most people over there are smaller so I would really suggest looking at the sizing chart carefully don't just go as usual sizing as you do amazon or something because that ain't gonna work. But still I'm over all super happy with the cosplay!

The review got cut :( pt 2

About needing lot of fixing, for me to wear it faster! But very great and amazing, the price is very cheap compared if I make it by myself) saved so much time and money, thank you a lot!
Many small buttons, so very easy to replace parts for me to wear this cos faster!!! Struggled when I tried this cos on for the first time haha

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