DokiDoki Genshin Impact Diluc Doll Plushies Plush

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Customer Reviews

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Sabrina Marinko
Perfect and adorable

Finally have them together, amazing quality and very soft. I've never had plush like this, but, I like them! I hope for more outfits! The costume is adorable as well, very fitting for Diluc, as catty as he is. Absolutely loved the little pin and birth certificate as well! I'll be collecting these of my favorite boys. 🥰

Lance Aguirre
He finally came

Now he has a friend


Well worth the wait! hes adorable i love him so so so much omg

This is for all of the plushies I got in General To be honest (Diluc, Venti, & Kaeya I got here ! )

When I first saw the plushie art concept, I was DYING to get the babies (being Zhongli, Childe, Venti, Diluc, Kaeya, etc) However finding the characters was going to be a bit hard as some characters had to be bought from other countries or GOs or other things. HOWEVER this site made it very easy and helpful for me to buy them here ! The wait time was fantastic (I understood that it was going to take a bit as we're in the middle of a pandemic, shipping stuff from another country would take time and a lot of other stuff, plus I'm patient for anything , especially for something this adorable!! ) , the quality & clothes were wonderful, and the pins and extras were just super cute! I love everything about the plushies I've recevied from this site and I even have this site on my bookmarks to check and see if theres something that ever catches my eye! Thank you guys for doing this!

Happy he's here!

I'm very happy with the amazing quality and detail and adorableness! Brought a smile to my face when arrived and still does! He's very soft and well filled that he's nice and firm, no worries of him losing his shape. He fits well into his outfit and it wasn't difficult to put on him. His hair does fray a little, but it's understandable since it mimics the fluffiness of his hair. The embroidery is very well done, showing his little pout look. Thank you so much!

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