DokiDoki-SSR Game League of Legends Cosplay All Out More KDA LOL Evelynn

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This cosplay not include the shoes,tails and wig
we will update more details

This item is for presale ,order processing time is unsure now

(we will update here if there are any news )

we will change the material of the coat


Customer Reviews

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I am disappointed:/

My expectations were very high, because this was my first time buying SSR quality.
All I can say is, you get a R maybe SR quality cosplay for a much higher price.
The jacket is a way too thick and immobile (and for me also too short, I‘m 1,73m).
Now to the top... The top 🥲. The cups are tiny as hell, like you can wear NO brah under it because it‘s so tiny and I don‘t have much there... and how am I supposed to wear the top with this black string going down? Like where do I attach this? Should I really put it in my way too big skirt and let it fly around?... for SSR quality? :/

the skirt is so misshaped. For me it fits very good on the hips, but on my waist it is a way too big. I was expecting at least a good zipper... but no. You have nice quality zippers on the front, but on the back you have the china zippers 🙃.

The Socks are okay. They fit but it‘s the same misshape feeling on the Feeds like every cheep china socks. And also a very cheep material?..

All and all I can not recommend this cosplay and this is very sad because I was so hyped for this cosplay :/

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