HAORI & LEG COVER !!!DokiDoki-SR Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Cosplay Kamado Tanjirou/Agatsuma Zenitsu/Tomioka Giyuu/Kochou Shinobu/Iguro Obana

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Tanjirou earrings and tattoo are included . Shinobu butterfly accessory is inlcuded

Rengoku Kyoujuro haori only two size ,size S M = S haori ,size L XL XXL = L haori

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It's beautiful

I purposesly got this Haori because I love the patterning on the fabric they use. It makes the Haori look so gorgeous. I got Tanjiro and the leg wraps were a little strange I haven't really figured them out but I really eanted the Haori anyway. Tanjiro also came with two tattoos of his scar and Earings which I wasn't expecting but was a nice surprise! The Earings were a little funky but I had a pair already. This is a little more expensive but I honestly think it's so worth it. The patterned fabric they use looks so much better than other versions.

Rengoku Haori

The quality is wonderful and so detailed! Absolutely a good purchase and even shipping was pretty quick. I’ll be purchasing more cosplays from DokiDoki for sure.

I love it

I bought the Kyojuro one and it fits me perfectly as well as being cheap and comfortable


For the price of this costume, I am STUNNED by the quality. The fabric is gorgeous with pretty colors and the subtle brocade texture that adds such a nice touch of texture. It's actually got some drape to it, which is a huge standout! Construction is very sturdy as well with serged and bias-bound edges all around. The sleeves are also angled to be extra long under the armpit for that butterfly wing effect. Shinobu also flares slightly from the waist to create a lovely shape and flowy movement. I installed a lining for myself out of preference, but this haori was beautiful and ready to wear right out of the bag. I've never had a purchased cosplay be this stellar before!


This haori is amazing quality, I love it so much. It is also super light and comfy

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