DokiDoki-SR Anime Jibaku Shounen /Toilet Bound Hanako-kun Cosplay Yugi Tsukasa Costume Men

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The cosplay is for presale 

Order processing time is about 90-120 days normally

Next batch will come out in May. We are not sure if it delay or come out sooner 

Your order will be sent out once the factory finish producing 

(we will update here if there are any change)

Customer Reviews

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I love itttttt

The fabric is really good, I really love the way it looks once you wear it, and it’s not that difficult to assemble, I really really can’t wait to wear it during the comics and also I look forward to buy more cosplays from Doki Doki (๑>◡

Luna Metcalfe

DokiDoki-SR Anime Jibaku Shounen /Toilet Bound Hanako-kun Cosplay Yugi Tsukasa Costume Men

Amme Honda
It's good

What I Got:
There was the black 'coat' which was long enough to reach my shins. It had no fastenings on the inside and was a little shinier than what the pictures portrayed (more polyester-y). The 'pants' with a stretchy fastening that was buttoned at the back then hidden by straps which wrapped around to the front and connected by another button, which was then hidden by the bow. They were a little more softer than you'd expect if you were going off the pictures, so the creases where less defined. The colour of the pants were also very slightly warmer. The shirt had an invisible zip at the back which ended at the top of the high collar. It is much thinner than what the pictures might suggest. The maroon coloured socks. The hat with red rope and pin. The face stickers. The patches.

Good stuff:
It's very comfortable and easy to move in once you've got everything on. The clothes themselves were very high quality for a cosplay outfit and for the listed price. It fit perfectly fine as is, but I like to make adjustments to my clothes, and doing so was very easy. It arrived quickly and looks great. I'm really happy with it.

Not so good stuff:
I mentioned above that the pant's were softer so the creases were less defined, and that the shirt was thin, and that the coat was shinier; but honestly these weren't really a problem, they were just different to what you might expect. But the hat was not wonderful. The fabric felt very cheap, the rope was loose, shape was a little off. The top of it was stretched with a ring on the inside of the hat which made it tense like the skin of a drum. I look out the ring and plan to make a few adjustments.

Overall, I am very happy with this purchase. If you're debating whether or not to buy this product I'd definitely say go for it.


the costume is really comfortable and even tho I'm on the bigger side it fits, the material is very nice and soft(especially the pants thingy)the hat is a bit out of shape but nothing a few adjustments won't save, overall great product, worth the money

Amazing !

the order arrived early and it’s an incredible quality ! the measurements are perfect and the value is impeccable for the quality and content ! I will buy on this site again !

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